UX/UI, Product Designer


Job Description

We are looking for someone passionate about creating meaningful user experiences and scalable design systems. As an experienced UX/UI, Product Designer at Rhove, you will use design thinking and lean methods to solve complex problems across digital and physical experiences.

About Rhove

There is never a typical day at Rhove, but that’s why we love it here! This is an incredible opportunity to build a rewarding career and be a part of a venture backed startup that is closing the gap between renting and homeownership. Rhove’s platform provides tenants with tools to get a return on their monthly rent. Real estate developers and property owners utilize Rhove to attract and retain the best tenants, lower their marketing costs, reduce turnover expenses and maximize occupancy.

Rhove is a purpose-driven place where you can solve complex challenges alongside the most talented individuals. We work hard, but we also take the time to pause, connect, reflect, and have fun. We encourage our community to bring their whole selves to work, and take the time to invest in their wellbeing.

Job Responsibilities

The successful candidate will have a demonstrated capacity to iteratively enable meaningful experiences that drive growth and engagement across digital and physical touchpoints. They will be self-starters, natural collaborators, and not afraid of risks.

This role will be part of a lean startup team with the autonomy to have significant impact to the overall company success. We are looking for someone who can:

  • Connect the dots from user insights, business strategies, and tech feasibility to successfully advance projects.
  • Collaborate with teammates from a variety of different backgrounds such as business, marketing, and engineering to develop solutions that balance desirability, feasibility, and viability.
  • Rapidly produce prototypes that communicate experiences to potential users, customers, internal teams, and investors.
  • Create and maintain brand specific design systems that are initiative, flexible, and scale-able across digital and physical.
  • Create detailed designs for websites, apps, environmental signage, and a wide variety of other digital/physical experiences with the end user in mind.

    Relevant experience and mindset:
  • You are ready to learn from failure, embrace an iterative process and understand that success comes sooner with trial and error.
  • Experience in delivering prototypes and detailed designs with graphic and interactive prototyping tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision, etc.
  • A love for complex questions and ability to communicate that complexity in simple ways.
  • Passion for design and understanding of the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ and are able to not only identify best practices, but push boundaries and explore new territory.
  • Ability to excel in a participatory, team-based environment, but are comfortable going ‘heads-down’ to meet deadlines.
  • Strong verbal and visual presentation skills, as well as an articulate point of view about design. Understanding of the value of design to create business value.
  • Demonstrate flexible and open-minded perspective. Comfortable with ambiguity, and desire to continually evolve everything.
  • Ability to articulate a human-centered approach to design and comfort with going out into the world for inspiration. Understanding of basic lean methods, agile, and human-centered design philosophy.
  • Expert knowledge working with Sketch, InVision, Adobe CS, and other tools to create prototypes, finished designs, and scalable component libraries.
  • +5 years experience across a variety of industries, working environments-- early stage startup experience is a bonus but not a requirement.
  • Bachelor’s and/or graduate degree in Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Arch, New Media, HCI, or other relevant degree.


  • Choice of healthcare plan that is right for you and/or your family
  • Employer Maxed Health Savings Account
  • Dental, vision, basic life insurance
  • Generous PTO
  • Equity stock option plan

Core Values

  • Authenticity - We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.
  • Curiosity & Creativity - We embrace reason and the scientific method. Curiosity drives creativity. We continuously learn from others and the world, ask interesting questions, test our hypotheses, make conclusions and apply knowledge. We take risks, develop and apply good judgement, cultivate our own voice, and celebrate the expression of others.
  • Remarkable - We solve hard problems. We take moon shots and swing for the fences. We operate in the realm of the adjacent possible.
  • Diversity & Inclusion - We embrace people with dignity and respect regardless of their background, race, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, belief system, nationality, or sexual orientation. We foster the appreciation of, and seek to engage, different perspectives and ideas.
  • Deliberate - We are purpose driven. We act with intention. We are organized and timely. Our actions are considerate of the best interests of our team members, customers, stakeholders, investors, the market, and ourselves.
  • Autonomy & Responsibility - We hold ourselves and each other accountable to the highest standards. We are proactive and dependable. We have a high tolerance for disciplined experimentation and failure but no tolerance for incompetence.
  • Grit & Resilience - We overcome challenges. We operate with courage, resolve, and strength of character. We make mistakes, learn from them, and break through.
  • Pride & Swagger - We take pride in our work and ourselves. We put in the extra effort, walk the walk, deliver and win. We understand our limitations, overcome them and strive for greatness. We bring our best selves and contribute to the success of our team, customers and stakeholders.
  • Fulfillment - We are content. Our work is meaningful, challenging and makes a positive difference. Our collaboration contributes to the happiness and well-being of our team and families.